New York City 

New York University
B.S. in Media, Culture & Communication as a Global Media Scholar in Persuasion and Transcultural Communication
Minor in Politics and Management 

What She Brings to the Team
  • A background in strategic communications at a corporate PR agency and financial literacy nonprofit
  • A global perspective brought by a year in Prague and Shanghai on the ways ideas spread through culture and politics, and the mechanisms—both structural and social—at work
  • Broad experience communicating in environments ranging from sub-scale tech startups to the world’s largest banks  
Ask Her About
  • The time she landed one of two ski jumps on the company ski trip
  • Where to get a beer and catch a sunny hike in Colorado
  • Why she language strategized her own neighborhood in New York

Words to Live By

“Whether you say you can or you can’t—you’re right.”

—Henry Ford, but more impactfully her Dad