Vice President 
New York City 

Temple University
Fox School of Business | MBA  

University of Pennsylvania
B.A. in Cognitive Science, minor in Linguistics 

What She Brings to the Team
  • A background in psycholinguistics, cognitive science, and discourse analysis; how language works in the brain; and how we interact with each other to get our meaning across
  • Deep subject matter expertise in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry with experience working in over a dozen therapeutic areas across audiences and challenges
  • A love of finding the story behind the data, words and numbers alike

Ask Her About
  • Her side projects co-authoring an article in a medical journal and becoming an amateur detective through her love of murder mystery novels
  • That time she waited for 15 hours to audition for American Idol
  • Her varying abilities speaking and reading Spanish and Mandarin

Words to Live By

“’You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ –Wayne Gretzky” 

—Michael Scott