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How to Sell a Value-Backed Mission

The language experts from maslansky + partners take on the smartest, savviest, and sometimes stupidest messages in the market today. CEO Michael Maslansky and President Lee Carter bring their experience with words, communication, and behavioral science to the table — along with a colleague or client — and offer up a “lay of the language.” Their insight helps make sense of business, life, and culture, and proves over and over again that It’s Not What You Say, It’s What They Hear™.

Whether it’s public or private, kindergarten or college, schools and school systems today have objectives, just like any business might. They need to recruit faculty, attract students, raise funding, fight for policies, appeal to parents, win the big game, and achieve any of a dozen other essential objectives. They need to express the value of the service they provide. A service that’s abstract, emotional, and, often, expensive. The institutions that do it best are often the ones that most effectively employ language. On this episode of HearSay, Michael and Lee are joined by Partner Ben Feller and Vice President Will Howard to talk about how to do it right, from characterizing what your school is and who it’s for to what happens within the four walls of your school to the value your school provides.

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Lee Carter’s book, Persuasion

Michael Maslansky’s book, The Language of Trust

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