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Research Panel

Do you have strong opinions? Want to make your voice heard by some of the world’s most important companies? Then sign up for our research respondent community.

We conduct in-person focus groups all over the country and the world on a wide range of topics. Sessions usually take place in the evening at easily-accessible facilities, so even working professionals can attend.

If you can’t make it to an in-person session, we also conduct online focus groups and surveys, so you might be able to participate from your home or office.

Of course you’ll be compensated for your time. Some research pays $200 or more.

Sign Up for our Research Panel

Join our community & get paid to participate in research where you can share your thoughts on the latest tends, products & services. Potential opportunities include online surveys, focus groups & one-on-one interviews. When an opportunity comes up, we will email you a link to a short survey to determine if you qualify for the study. 

The qualifications for each study are unique and based on the specific focus and goal of each individual research project. For all opportunities, we will include in our email to you the compensation amount we are offering. That way, you can always decide whether or not you’d like to try to get involved.