The language experts from maslansky + partners take on the smartest, savviest, and sometimes stupidest messages in the market today. CEO Michael Maslansky and President Lee Carter bring their experience with words, communication, and behavioral science to the table — along with a colleague or two — and offer up a “lay of the language.” Their insight helps make sense of business, life, and culture, and proves over and over again that It’s Not What You Say, It’s What They Hear.

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Walking the Walk on Responsible Business with Daggerwing

Daggerwing Group joins Maslansky + Partners on this special episode of HearSay. How do you make environmental sustainability work for your business? It all comes back to people. Selling in, rolling out, and scaling up real, functional sustainability programs requires understanding your employees. It requires a thoughtful business case, careful change management, and, of course, the right message.

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The S in ESG

In this episode of HearSay, Michael Maslansky, Lee Carter, and guest Will Howard cover new research on the language of ESG and how companies can find a path forward that serves stakeholders and customers on both sides of the political aisle.

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Crisis Fatigue and Climate Change: Is it Time to change the Language?

In this latest episode of HearSay, Will Howard and Director of Ad Net Zero John Osborn share their insights on the message fatigue surrounding climate change, creating credibility, and choosing the right words to drive change. Whether you discuss climate change in your personal life or about sustainability topics in your company, there’s something in it for you.

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The Language of Social Good

It’s not enough to do good nowadays. In a competitive environment, you need to find the right language to distinguish your organization from the rest. In this episode, guest Brian Crimmins, CEO of Changing Our World, shares his expertise on how nonprofits can reframe their language to cut through the noise.

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