We are language


We’re a merry band of strategic consultants with a unique mashup of skills in behavioral science, linguistics, and strategic thinking. We use language as the foundation for helping you achieve business goals.

Our Team

Our Causes

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Language can create connections.

Bringing business professionals, educators, and students in New York City together to open eyes, open minds, and open doors.

Language can inspire action.

Working with communities to build resilience before disasters strike and accelerate recovery when they unfortunately do.

Language can bridge differences.

Building knowledge of and support for Head Start’s whole-child and whole-community approach to supporting families on their path to success.


Our past, present, and future.


From our start in political consulting in 1992, we’ve understood that winning in the marketplace of ideas means resonating emotionally with your target audiences.


As corporations faced new multi-channel communications challenges, they sought our expertise in market research and strategic communications to help reframe issues, overcome crises, and connect with customers.


We launched a suite of strategic consulting tools and introduced new research methods—the only firm of our kind using language as the foundation for solving business challenges.


We’re pioneering ways to leverage the power of data transformation and AI to enable our clients to deploy language strategy faster, more consistently, and more accurately.

While our work continues to evolve, our guiding philosophy remains resolute:

It's not what you say,

It's what they hear.®


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