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This is one of those moments where everything changed. And so, we need to change how our communications meet the moment in 5 key areas.

December 16, 2020

There have been 3 moments in recent history that have changed the way we view the world: September 11th, the financial crisis of 2007-2009, and now. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the events leading up to and following the murder of George Floyd, all of us have experienced foundational shifts in how we work, live, and interact. In times of extreme change, how we hear and interpret messages shifts.

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Language of Hispanic + Latinx Identity

October 16, 2020

Yesterday marked the end of National Hispanic Heritage month, a month intended to “celebrate the countless contributions of more than 60 million Hispanic and Latin Americans to our culture and society.” So while events looked a little differently this year, at m+p, we wanted to use this time to reflect on what this heritage means to our Hispanic and Latinx colleagues and friends. How does it translate in their day-to-day, and the contributions they make beyond just this month?

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