The end of endless individual interviews.

Get closer to how healthcare providers will actually respond through quantitative testing.

We create in-house video stimuli to replicate how a sales rep walks a healthcare provider through your drafted or finalized detail aid within an online survey. We’re able to elicit more honest, more robust insights from a larger sample. Which generates broader consensus and greater research result validation for you to feel confident in your visual aid.

Quantify how effective your visual aid is.

Qualitative research can only ask about intent to prescribe — we’ve designed an approach that gets beneath the surface.

Healthcare providers often overstate their prescribing intent. With our proprietary Persuasive Strength™ methodology, we generate an academically-validated score to calibrate physicians’ self-reported number. Giving you a more accurate assessment of prescribing impact. 

Expand the potential of your visual aid

The best outputs come from the best inputs

We bring over 25 years of communication and pharmaceutical company experience to help you develop visual aids that win. That includes creating different approaches to communicate your core visual aid story to uncover the best way to break through with healthcare providers.

Pinpoint precisely where and how your core visual aid can be strengthened

When you live and breath an industry or category, it can be hard to get an objective read.  Our job is to provide a clear, actionable, intelligent read on the market so you can overcome anecdotal evidence and move forward with confidence. 

Want to stand out? Win hearts and minds? Quantify your gut instinct?