Recognize the opportunity

Good customer communications can increase loyalty and retention. Bad ones? They can send customers straight to the phone, driving up customer service costs. Or worse, they can motivate exasperated customers to take their business elsewhere. Everything from account status updates and benefits explanations to order confirmations and membership renewals—all those service-oriented and regulatory messages that companies are obligated to send can have a huge impact. Are yours working for you… or against you?

Seize the potential

With all the effort and investment you make to build a consistent brand, don’t overlook some of the most regular, ongoing, and defining aspects of the customer experience. Customer communications have an outsized effect on customer satisfaction. Of course, satisfaction boosts loyalty. And loyalty wins business. By making customer communications truly customer-centric, you can build goodwill and engagement, not to mention reduce customer service costs.

Increase loyalty

and retention

Is it easy? Nope. Worth it? Heck yes. Legacy systems, compliance rules, siloed decisionmaking there are a lot of reasons many companies get it wrong with these communications. In fact, it requires a specific skillset to simplify communications, build consensus, minimize constraints, and maximize results. Its all part of how we apply Language Strategy® to improve customer experience.

see how customer communications

can work for you.