Hear the competition.

We build on traditional competitive analyses to provide a robust linguistic analysis of the topics, tone, and terms used by competitors.  Are they all focused on the same benefits?  Are they using the same words and phrases?  Who has the best proof points?  Our map of the competitive space provides clear insight into how each company views their strengths and the market opportunity.

See what’s sticky.

It’s hard to get messages to break through the clutter.  Our media analysis focuses on the specific messages that get picked up by the press and shared on social.  We show you how the media views your competitive space and which benefits and proof points are strong enough to capture storylines. 

Find open space.

Often the easiest way to sound different is to talk about something different.  Sometimes, the best opportunity lies in saying the same thing with better language.  Our structured approach to analyzing the landscape is designed uncover open space that is both obvious and overlooked.  

Move forward with confidence.

When you live and breath an industry or category, it can be hard to get an objective read.  Our job is to provide a clear, actionable, intelligent read on the market so you can overcome anecdotal evidence and move forward with confidence. 

see how language landscape analyses can work for you.