Executive and Marketing Coordinator
New York City

University of Memphis
B.A. in Hospitality Management, minor in Communications    

What She Brings to the Team
  • Project management, strategic thinking, and conflict resolution experience
  • Insight identifying alternative methods to restructure day-to-day business practices to maximize workplace efficiency
  • A positive attitude, southern charm, humor, collaborative energy with a keen memory, and a willingness and ability to take on new responsibilities to benefit the team
Ask Her About
  • Her ridiculously frustrating allergies to some of the greatest things
  • Music! Play her your favorite song—IF it contains a sample, she can name you the original artist and song 
  • Her Yelp “impact”: six years as an Elite Yelper, in two of the top five largest cities in the U.S. (“it’s sweet to be elite”).
  • The commonalities of her diverse industry work experiences

Words to Live By

“If you think you are TOO SMALL to make a difference, try sleeping with a MOSQUITO.”

—Dalai Lama