Leemor Nir Grunberg

Vice President
New York City 

Johns Hopkins University
B.A. in Creative Writing  

What She Brings to the Team
  • A strategist’s mind with a planner’s eye—an obsession with the words that matter and the details that bring them to life 
  • The ability to simplify, break through, and motivate in industries that are particularly complex and crowded
  • The belief that the third “why?” is usually the start of uncovering the real answer  

Ask Her About
  • Why there are eight different ways to say “cousin” in Farsi (and other examples of how culture informs language—and vice versa)
  • Her experience as a Slam Poetry judge 

Words to Live By

“The most fundamental thing about a person is desire. It defines them. Tell me what a person wants, truly wants, and I’ll tell you who they are, and how to persuade them.”  

—Max Barry