How does your message measure up?

Truth is, theres no single metric that can tell you whether your message will work. 

That’s why we built a new approach to test your message’s persuasion power through an academically validated scale, grounded in behavioral science. Persuasive Strength is a proven methodology for testing the overall effectiveness of your messaging narratives, including: 

Can you optimize your message at different levels?

Good question – and yes. Anyone who ever said “it’s just semantics” clearly doesn’t understand that details matter in messaging. 

That’s why we break your message down into its component parts: to test the relative impact of each word, phrase, and proof point. We uncover which narrative works best for you. And how to optimize it. We give you specific recommendations about how to take a strong message and make it even stronger. 

Can you target your message?

Absolutely. You need to deliver the right message to the right audience. Like a good political campaign, good messaging needs to balance a consistent core message with the ability to tweak that message to appeal to specific audiences. 

We isolate what matters most to specific audiences, so you can target them effectively while still staying true to an overall north star: your core message. 

No message yet?

No worries. We can help you build a Language Strategy® with the exact words to make your audiences listen, care, and act. That’s how you win. 

Happy with your current messaging?

Great. Let’s see if we can optimize it. Persuasive Strength testing can give you actionable guidance in under two weeks. 

Want to stand out… or stand out even more? Win hearts and minds? Quantify your gut instinct? Persuasive Strength can help. Get in touch with our team today

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