For hard-to-reach, specialized, and geographically remote audiences, we use an online version of our Emotional Response methodology to identify language that shapes perceptions and drives action.

Online Emotional Response

These individual interviews or small group sessions allow us to test a broad set of messages with your target audience to get a word-by-word measurement of their emotional reactions, combined with discussion.

AI-assisted Listening

Online discussions with a large sample of participants via an AI-powered chatroom allow us to delve deeper into participants’ words while measuring preferences and attitudes quantitatively. Quantitative data and open-ended questions are analyzed in real time, delivering insights at scale, instantly.

Virtual Listening

Combine elements of quantitative and qualitative research to measure emotional reactions to messaging and facilitate deep discussion about the “why” behind the “what.”

Mobile Video Mini-Interviews

A short, quick-turn survey that collects video responses to open-ended questions, and returns them in the form of a video reel that brings your target audience and their mindset to life for stakeholders.


Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, we stress test a range of words and phrases with your target audiences to uncover the most credible and resonant language and framing with large samples. 

Corpus Analysis

We turn qualitative responses into big data by coding free responses into thematic clusters, uncovering trends and associations.

Implicit Testing

We combine behavioral science with quantitative polling to assess unconscious associations and impressions between words or images.

Emotional Response

We embed online emotional response technology into quant surveys to measure moment-by-moment emotional reactions to language and framing.


We conduct extreme digital brainstorming sessions with key internal stakeholders to explore new ideas, inspire stakeholder buy-in, and expand our universe of potential lexicon. 

Our language strategists are experts at facilitating discussions that surface promising language for testing

Engaging, virtual group brainstorming activities ensure that everyone is able to share their perspective – even remotely.

Gain real-time insights into the marketplace and customer language as it naturally unfolds. Understand how people are talking about your product or issue to help develop the right narrative to change how people think.

What we do

We use cutting edge social listening methodologies to map the conversation around a product or topic area. We analyze what’s being said, looking for patterns, inspiration, and white space to find language that stands apart from the noise

What You’ll Get

A clean, concise read on the current conversation around a specific topic, including implications for how you develop your narrative

Social Media Analysis

what social media is saying:

the bottom-up conversation occurring on social media

  • Our language strategists are experts at facilitating discussions that surface promising language for testing
  • Catalog the language your audience is using in real time
  • Ongoing Issue Monitoring: for dynamic topics that are rapidly evolving, monitor the conversation over time to identify changes in lexicon, discussion topics, and indicators of possible controversy

Published Media Analysis

what published media is saying:

we analyze the media landscape to see how your company, competitors, and the topic are covered in the press

  • Analyze the language being used by published media outlets like newspapers, blogs, and journals
  • Map the current conversation, including volume and sources of coverage, sentiment, traction, and key drivers

see how virtual methodologies for a virtual world can work for you.