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The Language of Our Year – and Our Lives

Think about the most memorable moments of this year, and what sticks?  

So often, what pops to mind is language – a phrase, an enduring quote, a topic of conversation that suddenly seemed everywhere. That’s what we all do: distill our lives into stories that we share. 

Some of them stay with us even when the moments pass. They capture the public imagination and change the way we talk about a person, issue, or event… and maybe even define how we remember it. 

Those are what we call Language Moments.  

And it’s our pleasure to share, once again, a video that captures the best of them. From Barbie to celebrity babies, from woke wars to workplace trends, these are moments from 2023 that shape the way we view companies, politics, the world – and each other. They make us laugh, cringe, think – and learn. 

Language moments shape the year. Language itself drives how business is done and how the world is run. It’s where we specialize at maslansky + partners. We’re devoted to helping our clients win in business by creating the language they need ensure their audiences listen, care, and act.  

If you’re in need of exactly the right language to change behavior and move an audience into action, we’d love to help. We make a big impact on how winning organizations communicate through language, from Fortune 500 companies to trade associations to nonprofits around the world. You can contact us here.

Until then, enjoy the video – we’d love to know what you think, and feel free to share it.  

After all, these are the moments that bind us together.