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Navigating Innovation: Selling the new in tech and beyond

May 23, 2024

In this episode, we dissect the challenges of selling innovation whether you are selling enterprise technology, a new investment product, or plant-based meat. Through compelling examples and practical insights, the episode provides valuable guidance for navigating the complexities of selling innovation in today’s dynamic market landscape. 

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Take the Gobbledygook Test

May 10, 2024

Companies with the best customer experience know that clear and transparent communications not only increase customer satisfaction, they also meet the true spirit of disclosure and regulatory requirements. Check out this insightful piece from Senior Vice President Maria Boos on how to make your customer communications more plainspoken and human.

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Enter Responsible Business

May 3, 2024

The Page Views bi-weekly newsletter shared CEO Michael Maslansky’s insights and research on how reframing the conversation around responsible business rather than ESG may help solve the problem stakeholders are currently facing.

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The language of DEI is failing

April 30, 2024

If companies want to be inclusive, they need language that is inclusive. Today’s DEI is confusing and ineffective, at best, and polarizing and antagonizing, at worst. Check out this piece by CEO Michael Maslansky as he shares some key tips for changing your diversity language to be more successful with your programs.

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The Language of the Candidates

March 27, 2024

In this new episode of HearSay, Lee Carter and Ben Feller look at what the two presidential candidates are saying, what’s important about it – and what people should be listening for in the political months ahead. 

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