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Communicating about AI: What’s the benefit?

August 29, 2023

With so much fear around AI and how it will be used, it’s easy for people to assume the worst. If you’re a company building AI into your products or services, it’s crucial to focus on what the benefit is to your customers to overcome fear and build trust.  

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Fear, Trust, and AI

August 17, 2023

How can companies use language to overcome fear and build trust in AI? In this episode, we dive into the rapidly changing world of AI and explore how companies should be talking about it.

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Trust, Transparency, and Turmoil

June 12, 2023

Join Lee Carter, Katie Cronen, Will Howard, and Rob Ledniczky for a fresh perspective on how the financial industry should be using language to their advantage post the SVB collapse, now and in the coming months.

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