The Challenge
VMware was preparing to move into an entirely new area with its Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) solution.

The new offerings were poised to transform the way companies build and run their datacenters. The challenge was that this was a relatively new idea that customers weren’t entirely comfortable with. And VMware was already known for one thing and one thing only: virtualized compute.

The Insight
While customers could see the SDDC’s potential, they were quicker to see potential problems.

The company was, understandably, looking to communicate the revolutionary benefits they were offering. The challenge was that customers were wary of anything that sounded too disruptive. The answer was to position the new offering as a natural extension of current systems that can be adopted over time.

The Shift




The Result

Shifting their narrative to focus on evolution and achievability helped vmware address blockers, drive trust, and set the stage for the wider adoption of the SDDC franchise.