The Shift

A card that earns more rewards


“no hoops” rewards

The Challenge
Drive enrollment in a crowded space: Speaking the language of customers to make a product stand out

Most people have rewards cards and aren’t in the market for a new card—so Bank of America needed to find the right language to signal that its new rewards credit card was truly different.

The Insight
Consumers have always liked the idea of a card that earns rewards—but there was little opportunity to differentiate on the rewards themselves. The pain point most folks feel with their cards isn’t in the accumulation of rewards; rather it’s in the hassle of redeeming them.

We took consumers’ key challenge—the hoops they jump through to get their just rewards—and turned it into a positioning that surprises and delights. By naming the new offering the No Hoops rewards card, we helped Bank of America stand out in a crowded space for the best reason—a customer-focused product and experience.

The Result

Bank of America saw a 64% Increase in enrollment in the first quarter of the newly branded card.

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