The Challenge
Rebuilding excitement in the wake of the Windows Vista operating system debacle.

Following the disappointing reception of Microsoft’s previous operating system, the company had one chance to get the Windows 7 launch messaging right. And they came to maslansky + partners to help.

The Insight
The team was focused on the extensive list of new features they hoped would appeal to increasingly tech-savvy audiences.

But on an emotional level, business and consumer audiences were craving the basics: better reliability and navigation. In short, they were looking for their own idea of what makes a great operating system.

The Shift


Highlighting revolutionary new features


Listening to what you want: better basics

The Result

The right language transformed how Microsoft positioned Windows 7, helping drive the fastest selling, most profitable operating system release in history, about which the Wall Street Journal reported: “the turnaround in Microsoft’s business was almost entirely due to the October launch of Windows 7.”

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