The Shift



The Challenge
Rebuild trust: rebuilding market share in the wake of the Windows Vista debacle

Following the severe damage Windows Vista wreaked on the reputation and sales of Microsoft’s operating systems, the company had one chance to get the message exactly right.

The Insight
Instead of highlighting the product team’s cool new features, we helped Microsoft uncover their customers’ deeper emotional concern: will Windows 7 work?

We built the company’s narrative around the improved fundamentals of your idea of an operating system.

The Result

The right language transformed how Microsoft positioned Windows 7, directly informing one of the brand’s most resonant ad campaigns: I’m a PC and Windows 7 was my idea.

Ultimately, it helped drive the fastest selling, most profitable operating system release in history, leading the Wall Street Journal to note “the turnaround in Microsoft’s (entire) business was almost entirely due to the October launch of Windows 7.”

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