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A New Look for the Homepage and Response Library

We heard that you needed clearer, more direct ways to access of all of the content you have on the Dynamic Response platform. That’s why we’ve redesigned two of the main pages that link to draft responses, approved language, and anything waiting for your review or approval.
The New Homepage:
The first thing you’ll notice when you log in is that we’ve replaced the homepage content with 4 large tiles. These tiles take you to the main areas you’ll need to access:
  1. Drafting a new message
  2. Opening an existing draft
  3. Working a message submitted for your review
  4. Accessing your library of approved language
We’ve cut out the clutter and made it clearer where everything on DR is located.
New Homepage Tiles.png
The New Response Library:
Dynamic Response becomes increasingly more useful as your organization builds its library of statements.  We’ve redesigned the response library and added  features that make it easier to find the approved content you’re looking for.

Brands with recent activity appear in tiles at the top of the page, and all responses can be sorted or filtered by geography, audience, challenge category, and brand.

There is also now the ability to view your response library organized by situation. This can be especially helpful when you’re looking for all of the statements associated with a specific event or topic. (2).gif
Check out the new look for the homepage and response library at

Feedback makes our product better!
Do you have any suggestions on how we could further improve DR’s interface? We’re always open to questions comments, and recommendations.

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