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Language Lessons: Framing Your Message

Got a minute for your messaging? Check out our latest m+p Language Lesson, a short video with smart insights about communicating more effectively. Remember: if your language doesn’t connect with your audience, it won’t matter. We make it matter. 

In this Language Lesson, m+p president and partner Lee Carter focuses on “framing” – how you talk about something to shape the way people perceive it. It’s not easy to find the right frame to articulate your position in the marketplace, in a way that matters. 

Lee has pulled together some key lessons she’s learned about framing from voter analysis for CNN and Fox News in a presentation called: “Change the Language, Win the Debate.” It’ll open your eyes to the role framing is playing in this year’s election… and how it applies to your work and your life. Contact us if you’d like Lee to come and share this with your team or organization. 

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