The Shift

Instead of better coverage
for affluent customers

we look for
ways to say yes.

The Challenge
Grow market share: Expanding Chubb’s customer base

Folks with mass-market carriers weren’t necessarily looking for more, different, or better insurance—and were skeptical of paying higher premiums with a company known for serving high-net-worth individuals.

The Insight
We found that these people didn’t consider themselves affluent but they did want a company that was focused on them.

So instead of talking about what Chubb offered the high-net-worth segment, we talked about what people really want from their insurance—approved claims when they need them.  A language shift that focused on all the ways Chubb looks to say yes turned prospects into policyholders.

The Result

Changing the language helped drive double digit growth.  It also strengthened Chubb’s relationships with its most successful agents. 

A concerted effort across live training, reference guides, custom videos, a digital marketing campaign, as well as highly customer-focused marketing materials ensured the new language was used successfully across the board.

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