The Shift

Instead of focusing on what’s different

emphasizing what’s
still the same

The Challenge
Speak the language of your customers: Connecting an iconic brand with contemporary tastes for healthier choices

Hershey wanted to convey its commitment to simple ingredients in line with consumers’ increasing preference for high-quality, natural foods. But “simple” seemed to mean different things to different people, not all of them good.

The Insight
As much as people want healthier and simple ingredients, for a product with a long and beloved history, talking about change raised a lot of concerns.

Touting “simple ingredients” alone left the door open to questions and skepticism. Folks were left wondering if the product would still taste the same if the ingredients were changed to be healthier. Knowing the products would still taste the same was essential to customers and so we created a narrative that focused on simple, familiar ingredients—reflecting both what Hershey is today and what consumers have always loved about Hershey products.

The Result

The language informed a campaign targeting both influencers and snackers, successfully striking a balance between nostalgic feelings and newer expectations about ingredients.

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