The Shift

Instead of products


The Challenge
Position a company for success: Launching Zoetis, Pfizer’s $4.3B spin-off

Zoetis (formerly known as Pfizer Animal Health) had a strong business and a strong sense of purpose as it prepared for launch, but the existing language fell short of differentiating the new animal health brand. What was lacking in the translation to external messaging?

The Insight
We found that the true x-factor of Zoetis is not its “what” (top quality products and animal health services) as much as “how” and “why” a culture of listening, partnerships, and innovation to intensively support vets, farmers, and their businesses.

We ignited customer interest with a compelling and purpose-driven brand activation concept: Your business is animals. Our business is you.

The Result

With a clearly differentiated value proposition reinforced across marketing and communication channels, Zoetis debuted with a $2.2 billion IPO, surpassing expectations and maximizing market value.

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