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Bridging the Patient-Doctor Language Gap

December 6, 2023

Senior Director Madeleine Neider emphasizes the importance of effective communication in healthcare, highlighting the need for patients to use language that resonates with both them and their doctors to ensure clear and efficient dialogue.

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Lee Carter at The Stern Family Forum

November 2, 2023

During the Stern Family Forum, New York Times opinion writer Frank Bruni and Lee Carter, communications strategist and Fox and MSNBC contributor, explored today’s divided political culture — and how to move beyond it.

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The Great Framing Debates of 2022

December 29, 2022

Every year, key issues are framed distinctly from voices on opposite sides of the spectrum to tell the story in a way that’s relatable and hopefully, takes hold with people. Here are some of the key framing debates of 2022. 

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Top Language Moments of 2022

December 21, 2022

From politics to pop culture, language played a significant role in shaping the events of 2022 – and how people perceived them. Here are the top language moments of the year, as selected by maslansky + partners.

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